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ATI Next Gen NCLEX Products & Tools


For years, ATI has focused on improving students’ clinical judgment skills, evaluating new item types, exploring scoring methods, and developing new items. Our resources can assist your institution in developing, refining, and measuring students’ clinical judgement. Discover more details about each and how they can support your Next Gen NCLEX teachings.


Custom Assessment Builder

Assess your students’ clinical judgment, on your terms, using ATI’s Custom Assessment Builder. You can curate your assessments with prebuilt items from ATI’s test bank or feel empowered to learn how to create and build your items within the tool using our guided instructions.

Custom Assessment Builder will include Next Generation NCLEX item types such as: multiple-response, matrix, drag-and-drop, drop-down, highlight, and the ability to create case studies.

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This robust tool lays a foundation for success in teaching students to think like a nurse and become skilled decision makers, both of which will be key to passing the Next Generation NCLEX. NurseLogic introduces students to ATI’s "Helix of Success," a model used to illustrate how knowledge and clinical judgment prepare students for academic and NCLEX success. The resource also addresses concepts from the QSEN competencies and IOM recommendations for nursing education.

Interactive tutorials allow students to learn the foundational ideas and concepts of nursing as a profession. Nursing knowledge and test-question logic prepare students to make clinical judgments on both test questions and in real-life scenarios.

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The new item types that will potentially appear on the Next Generation NCLEX will be unlike any that nursing students have previously encountered. ATI’s offering, The NCLEX Experience, helps familiarize students with the new types of questions. How?

Comprised of several online resources, The NCLEX Experience offers an engaging tutorial and mini quiz. ATI has specifically designed these modules to give students practice with and build their confidence in answering the most-anticipated item types, which ultimately are expected to assess students’ clinical judgment skills.

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Real Life Clinical Reasoning Scenarios

Nurses who lack clinical reasoning skills make poorer nursing judgments. For example, they have difficulty differentiating between less acute problems and those needing immediate attention. They also often fail to detect impending patient deterioration. ATI’s Real Life Clinical Reasoning Scenarios is specifically aimed at addressing these deficiencies.

The product’s computer-based simulations develop clinical reasoning, while its live-action videos create “emotional fidelity.” Rationales provide immediate feedback after decisions are made, giving students exposure to key clinical situations; allowing them to learn from their errors and the consequences to improve future interactions; and advancing their knowledge.

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With limitations in lab and clinical opportunities to practice health assessments — especially on clients with cultural variations and abnormal findings — students enter professional practice unprepared to provide quality care. In addition, their assessment skills may be outdated due to being based on textbook learning.

ATI’s new HealthAssess tool allows students to practice with highly responsive, virtual humans, expanding their exposure and growing their confidence. Students’ clinical judgment is formed and enhanced with each interaction, preparing them for greater success in clinical and professional practice.

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Nurse's Touch, The Communicator 2.0

Developing effective communication skills goes hand-in-hand with developing the sound clinical judgment required of candidates who want to pass the Next Generation NCLEX. One research study reported that, “Collaborative dialogue between students, educators, and clinical mentors as role models during nurse-patient interaction is a powerful learning tool in facilitating clinical judgment.”

ATI’s new product The Communicator 2.0 helps in this regard, supporting students’ development of this essential skill with a computer-simulation learning tool. The program allows students to repeatedly interact with virtual humans to build their clinical judgment proficiencies.

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Video Case Studies 2.0 is an interactive tool that helps students solidify concepts and build clinical judgment through verbal response as they work through scenarios via practice, interaction, and improvement. First, they watch a short video that simulates a situation or issue commonly encountered in clinical practice. Next, they upload their response to become part of an online classroom discussion. Students not only learn from sharing their own responses but also by reviewing, critiquing, and discussing their peer’s responses, as well. They then watch scenario responses from experts and consider how they could revise their answer based on that knowledge.

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The Nurse’s Touch product suite includes 6 modules aimed at 2 objectives: Improving client safety and delivering clinical prep and practice. Each module builds student competency in professional practices — including clinical judgment — that promote safe, quality client care by promoting knowledge, skills, and attitudes that align with defined QSEN competencies. Students also learn and practice professional skills, behaviors, and interactions as they prepare for clinical and professional practice in a safe, nonintimidating virtual environment.

A comprehensive solution, students are taught by active learning, testing, and remediation with the use of tutorials, case studies, practice and proctored assessments, and video and virtual interactions.

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Students refine their clinical judgment skills before entering the skills lab by preparing beforehand with virtual scenarios, online tutorials, step-by-step demonstration videos, checklists, quick references, animations, pre- and post-tests, challenge cases, remediation, and more. Skills Modules 3.0 brings to life 180 skills in 30 newly formatted modules, so students enter the skills lab ready for hands-on time finessing technique instead of learning the steps.

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Content Mastery Series

The core testing suite that you’ve trusted for years will undergo changes to reflect the planned Next Generation NCLEX blueprint update. As with all items on our assessments, each goes through a rigorous validation process to ensure the highest quality and assessment validity. Feel confident that your students will experience Next Generation NCLEX questions in the appropriate proportion to how they will be presented on the NCLEX. We are committed to supporting you in testing and remediating your students’ clinical judgment and nursing knowledge.

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