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Skills Modules 3.0

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Skills Modules 3.0

Help students master more than 180 essential nursing skills from the convenience of an online skills lab. With the knowledge delivered from 30 newly formatted modules — each featuring tutorials, step-by-step demonstration videos, checklists, quick references, animations, pre- and post-tests, challenge cases, remediation, and more — students will enter the on-site skills lab with more refined clinical judgment skills. Plus, they’ll be more prepared for hands-on time finessing technique instead of learning the steps.

Skills Modules 3.0 brings students:
  • Updated content and 90 updated videos
  • Complete modernization and easier navigation
  • Content organized by skill
  • Clinical judgment call-outs
  • Quick, easy-to-download skills checklists
  • New evidence-based studies to support techniques
  • EHR Tutor chart integration
  • New virtual scenarios for practice with virtual clients
  • Alignment and integration of fundamental skills videos and checklists with ATI’s Engage Fundamentals


Virtual practice prepares students and builds confidence for lab and clinicals. Interactive scenarios challenge students to apply the skills they’ve learned as they care for authentic virtual clients in both hospital and clinic-based settings.

  • Virtual Scenario: Pain assessment
  • Virtual Scenario: HIPAA
  • Virtual Scenario: Vital signs
  • Virtual Scenario: Nutrition
  • Virtual Scenario: Blood transfusion


Skills Modules 3.0 is comprehensive, covering routine skills from taking and monitoring vital signs to more complex procedures like central lines and intubation.

  1. Airway management
  2. Blood administration
  3. Bowel elimination
    *Previously Enemas
  4. Central venous access devices
  5. Closed-chest drainage
  6. Comprehensive physical assessment of an adult
  7. Comprehensive physical Assessment of a child
  8. Concepts of medication Administration
    *Previously Medication administration 1
  9. Diabetes mellitus management
  10. Enteral tube feeding
  11. Healthcare fraud, waste, and abuse prevention
  12. HIPAA
  13. Infection control
  14. Injectable medication administration
    *Previously Medication administration 3


*For a complete list of all skills included please contact your ATI representative.

  1. Intravenous Medication Administration
    *Previously Medication administration 4
  2. IV Therapy and peripheral access
  3. Maternal newborn
  4. Mobility
    *Previously Ambulation, transferring, and range of motion
  5. Nasogastric intubation
  6. Nutrition
    *Previously Nutrition, feeding, and eating
  7. Oral and topical medication administration
    *Previously Medication administration 2
  8. Ostomy care
  9. Oxygen therapy
  10. Pain management
  11. Personal hygiene
  12. Specimen collection
  13. Surgical asepsis
  14. Urinary elimination
    *Previously Urinary catheter care
  15. Vital signs
  16. Wound care
Students use computers to access interactive resources


Each module includes:

  • Step-by-step video instruction
  • Accepted practice guidelines
  • Evidence-based research
  • Challenge cases
  • Audio pronunciation glossary
  • Key considerations
  • Student reporting
  • Pre- and post-testing with rationales
  • Certificate of completion to submit to instructors
  • EHR documentation examples


Align skills modules with laboratory and clinical content. Each module can be assigned to the appropriate area of the curriculum and course content for student learning prior to their clinical assignment with real clients and families.

Remediation and reinforcement. Students can review skills modules as often as is needed to improve their understanding and application of the information.

Practice and clinical readiness. Students can use the Skills Modules Series to prepare for their clinical practice and clinical assignments by watching the videos and taking the tests to ensure that they are prepared to successfully complete a skill with actual clients. Students may also print off easy-to-use skills checklists for guided lab practice.

Pre-conference and post-conference. A specific Skills Module and EHR Tutor client can be reviewed by a clinical group and discussed in preconference or post-conference and related to an actual client experience.

ATI offers a detailed Educator Implementation Guide (EIG) for every ATI solution, designed to make lesson planning and integration easier. Following product launch, access EIGs in your ATI faculty portal under Resources > Products & Integration. Or dig in and explore your faculty account student view to experience what Skills Modules can offer your students this semester.

Note: Lesson plans are coming for virtual scenarios.

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