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Learning System 3.0

Learning System 3.0

Students who use Learning System 3.0 gain increased confidence and comprehension

Perfect for formative quizzing, Learning System 3.0 is a versatile quiz bank of more than 3,000 questions. Using this resource, faculty and students gain insight into a student’s comprehension and development in a variety of content areas. Each time students take a Learning System 3.0 quiz, they gain critical test taking skills.

Learning System 3.0 offers 3 types of quizzing, including:
  • Fixed pre-set quizzes
  • Customized quizzes incorporating questions focused on a student’s specific needs
  • Adaptive quizzing that delivers NCLEX-style items tailored to a student’s ability level and designed to specifically challenge that learner.
Learning System 3.0 allows students to:
  • Practice in study mode providing time for the student to review answers and absorb rationales to prepare for quizzing.
  • Monitor personal performance by showing a student the number of completed questions and number of questions remaining, along with the student’s accuracy, median score, and percentile rank.
  • Customize quizzes:
    • Selecting only those specific content areas that need focus or selecting all categories for a complete review
    • Choosing a quiz where answers and rationales are held until the test’s completion
    • Using adaptive mode, which delivers easier or more challenging questions based on how the student answers the previous question to deliver an NCLEX like experience
    Faculty have the ability to:
    • Create and select one of 3 quiz modes including pre-set, adaptive, or customized.
    • Choose from 27 pre-set quizzes for PN programs and 34 pre-set quizzes for RN programs
    • Create assignments for a class, group of students, or individual students for remediation or comprehensive quizzing
    • Edit assignments after they are sent and, if needed, extend the deadline by class or student
    • Monitor a student or class’s engagement and performance to serve as a proactive remediation tool
    • Change an item’s difficulty level and the ability to randomize question order
    • Apply student accommodations when needed

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