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Boost Student Confidence Today with Tomorrow’s NCLEX Comprehension

The NCLEX® Experience


The NCSBN continues to research new NCLEX item types — referred to as Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) — to address clinical judgment. Ensure you and your students are ready for these unique questions with this new resource from ATI. The NCLEX Experience will expose both faculty and students to future assessment techniques and practice with new item formats.

Features include:

  • Three overview videos on The NCLEX Experience, NCLEX Tips & Strategies and Next Generation NCLEX Research
  • 14 Next Generation NCLEX item type videos featuring each of the following potential item types:
    • Multiple Response Select all that apply
    • Multiple Response Select N
    • Multiple Response Grouping
    • Matrix Multiple Response
    • Matrix Multiple Choice
    • Drag and Drop Cloze
    • Drag and Drop Rationale
    • Drop Down Cloze
    • Drop Down Rationale
    • Drop Down Table
    • Highlight Text
    • Highlight Table
    • Bowtie
    • Case Study
  • Three quiz opportunities for students to practice taking various NGN item types

Need more information on the Next Generation NCLEX?

Visit the Next Generation NCLEX webpage for information about what is changing, why, and how ATI is helping prepare you and your students.