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The ATI TEAS provides valuable insights into a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses while helping you set benchmarks and make data-based decisions for your program.

Achieve your admissions goals

The ATI TEAS is the most widely adopted admissions exam in nursing education. It is easy to implement and provides vital information about the state and trajectory of student achievement. Whether you are focused on student retention or student opportunity, count on the ATI TEAS.

Know where they stand

The ATI TEAS is specifically designed to assess the academic preparedness of learners entering health science fields. To ensure your program is admitting students with the best chance of nursing success, assess their preparedness before they set foot in your classrooms.

Predict academic success

The ATI TEAS is proven to be a statistically significant predictor of early nursing program success. It can directly link students’ TEAS performance to their overall future academic accomplishments. Based on our years of collecting and analyzing data, we can help you quickly identify candidates with the best chances of staying in, and graduating from, your nursing program.

ATI TEAS Evaluates Reading, Mathematics, Science, English & Language Usage

TEAS includes:

multiple choice

170 multiple-choice questions with 20 unscored pre-test questions


209-minute timed assessment

branching logic

Normed data at the national and program level

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