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Sigma's Nurse Manager Certificate Program


The Sigma Nurse Manager Certificate Program is a self-paced, online tutorial and certification exam to develop students’ nursing management competencies and prepare them for their aspirations as nurse managers. When a student successfully completes 86 hours, they receive a certificate of completion from Sigma Theta Tau, the International nursing honors society. The evidence-based curriculum in the Sigma Nurse Manager Certificate Program was developed by experienced clinical and academic nurses. Course work consists of teaching materials, self-assessments and case studies, and includes exercises focusing on team building, mentoring, conflict resolution, budgeting, data analysis, quality processes and more.

Online courses include:

  • Using Evidence to Guide Decision Making and Management Practice
  • Introduction to Administrative, Management and Organizational Theories
  • Using Evidence to Guide Strategic Planning
  • Human Resources: Issues and Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Managing the Team
  • Patient Safety in the Health Care Workplace
  • Using Evidence to Determine Resources Demands and Allocation
  • Building a Better Business Plan
  • Safety for the Health Care Worker
  • Ethical Principles for Nurse Managers
  • Facilitating Staff Development
  • Nursing Liability
  • Legal Documentation and Defenses

This program is available to everyone interested in nursing leadership and management. A Sigma Theta Tau chapter on campus is not a mandate for providing this program.

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