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ATI Affiliate Program


  • Commission Rate: Earn 5% for each sale you generate
  • Dedicated support: Get personalized assistance from our affiliate team and the LinkConnector team
  • Real-time tracking: Monitor your performance and earnings in real-time
  • Monthly payouts: Receive your earnings on a monthly basis
  • No inventory management: Focus solely on promoting, we handle the rest

How it Works

  • Sign up: Join our affiliate program by filling out a simple application form
  • Get Approved: Get approved to the program and sign up on the LinkConnector platform
  • Promote: Share your unique affiliate link and use custom-made banners on your website, blog, or social media platforms.
  • Drive sales: Encourage your audience to purchase our products using your affiliate link or coupon code
  • Track performance: Access real-time reports and analytics to optimize your marketing efforts
  • Earn commissions: Receive a percentage of each sale made through your affiliate link or coupon code

Ideal Candidates

ATI is looking to partner with those involved in the nursing space with the ability to reach prospective nursing students. Here are some examples of the ideal partners for the ATI Affiliate Program:

  • Registered Nurses: If you are a registered nurse with a strong understanding of nursing concepts and exam preparation strategies, you are an ideal candidate for our affiliate program. Your firsthand experience and expertise will resonate with aspiring nurses and nursing students who are preparing for their exams.
  • Nursing Educators: If you are a nursing educator or instructor, our affiliate program provides an excellent opportunity to recommend high-quality exam preparation resources to your students.
  • Nursing Bloggers and Influencers: If you have a nursing-focused blog, website, Youtube channel, or social media platform with an engaged audience of nursing students or prospective nursing students, our program is an ideal fit for you. Promote our Study Packages and earn commissions while providing valuable resources to your audience.
  • Online Educators and Marketplaces: If you have experience creating or promoting online courses or educational content, consider joining our affiliate program to expand your offerings. Our exam preparation products can complement your existing catalogue and provide additional value to your customers.

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