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Meet Claire AI™

Your time-saving assistant.

Claire is the first AI-powered aide designed specifically for Nurse Educators. You'll find it first with Custom Assessment Builder to help create quality questions in a fraction of the time.

Instantly saves time and effort

More opportunity for teaching

Vast supply of content

of pilot respondents said Claire reduced their time to build assessments by 50% or more.

Easy to use

The educator enters a simple prompt and Claire generates various types of quality questions. Seamless use for novice educators.

Claire is integrated directly into Custom Assessment Builder, creating a single workflow for faculty.

Backed by expert content

Improves the quality of questions being used to comprehensively assess students.

Claire provides access to an expansive range of ATI content options to assess students and contributes to increased test security.

Custom Assessment Builder

Now available in Custom Assessment Builder, Claire generates multiple-response and multiple-choice questions in less than half the time you now spend. Custom Assessment Builder enables educators to create and maintain exams quickly and easily by pulling from an expansive ATI question bank or by creating their own custom questions.

Custom Assessment Builder is packed with features that help educators accurately assess and report on student knowledge and progress.

The robust analytical test-authoring features of Custom Assessment builder include:

  • Ability to author questions
  • Enhanced scoring options
  • Ability to build case studies
  • Score adjustments to full credit
  • Concept-based curriculums

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