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The Leader

Engaging video interactions prepare students to encounter the types of challenges that align with leadership and management in the role of a charge nurse. Students choose appropriate actions to take in clinical scenarios, including those related to team assignments, environmental safety, conflict negotiation, and quality improvement issues. Through video-based scenarios, students apply techniques in teamwork, delegation supervision, quality improvement, conflict resolution, and risk assessment.


The Leader promotes student competency in:

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Patient-centered care

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Teamwork & collaboration

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Quality improvement

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Patient & provider safety


  1. Making Assignments and Delegating or Assigning Tasks
  2. Responding to a Client Injury and Completing an Incident Report
  3. Using Conflict Management and De-Escalating Communication Skills
  4. Leading a Quality Improvement Team Response to an Increase in Client Falls
  5. Development of an Interprofessional Clinical Pathway



Knowledge for them, know-how for you.

Student Activities:

  • Media-rich tutorials
  • Unfolding video interactions (video simulations)
  • Scenario questions with rationales

After completing all modules, students will know how to:

  1. Use de-escalating communication and conflict mediation skills
  2. Use SBAR as an interprofessional communication tool
  3. Appreciate group process and the various roles that team members play
  4. Leverage risk managers and case managers for their role in client care
  5. Use the quality improvement process and group process to improve client care
  6. Apply root-cause analysis to a client care issue to determine the impact of relational factors
  7. Focus on nursing-sensitive indicators to improve client safety
  8. Assess clients for fall risk, calculate the incidence of fall rates and complete incident reports

Educator Resources:

  • Educator Implementation Guide
  • Lesson plans
  • Case overviews

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