Engage™ Maternal, Newborn, and Women’s Health

With Engage Maternal, Newborn, and Women’s Health, your students will experience a focused, interactive solution that incorporates the need-to-know maternal, newborn, and women’s health information to be confident and practice-prepared.

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Prepare your students for providing care to expectant mothers and newborns.

Through a wide variety of interactive activities, Engage Maternal, Newborn, and Women’s Health gives your students the knowledge and understanding to handle care related to maternal, newborn, or women’s health. Learning content includes:

  • Healthy pregnant clients throughout the antepartum, intrapartum, and postpartum
  • Newborn care and knowledge of the fetal lifespan
  • Women and reproductive health that incorporates inclusive learning experiences such as transgender care.

Digital technologies expand the boundaries of “self-directed learning,” developing leadership in the pedagogical environment, creating conditions for the formation of individual educational trajectories of students, modernizing tools for assessing student knowledge, and differentiating forms and methods for teaching1.

1Frolova, E. V., & Ryabova, T. M. (2020). Digitalization of education in modern scientific discourse: New trends and risks analysis. European Journal of Contemporary Education, 9(2), 313-336. Retrieved from https://eric.ed.gov/?id=EJ1262557

With Engage Maternal, Newborn, and Women’s Health, your students will enjoy:

  • 20 interactive learning modules
  • Podcasts and audiobooks
  • Documentation activities in EHR
  • Test banks with NGN items
  • Clinical Judgment activities
  • And more!

With 20 learning modules, Engage Maternal, Newborn, and Women’s Health covers all the need-to-know content:

Overview of Maternal, Newborn, and Women's Health Care

  • Maternal Newborn Nursing Today
  • Family, Culture, and Environment
  • Genetics and Genomics in Maternal Newborn Care

Reproductive and Women's Health

  • Reproductive Health Promotion, Prevention, and Care
  • Reproductive Health Alterations

Pregnancy and Fetal Development

  • Fetal Lifespan
  • Uncomplicated/Healthy Pregnancy
  • High-Risk Pregnancy
  • Complications of Pregnancy: Hemorrhagic Disorders
  • Complications of Pregnancy: Hypertensive Disorders
  • Complications of Pregnancy: Endocrine Disorders

Following Birth

  • Postpartum Period
  • Complications During the Postpartum Period

Labor and Birth

  • Labor
  • Pain Management
  • Birth
  • Complications of Labor and Birth

Newborn Care

  • Newborn Adaptations
  • Complications of the Newborn
  • Parenting and Discharge Teaching

We have everything you need to put Engage Maternal, Newborn, and Women’s Health to use right away:

  • PowerPoints
  • Test banks with NGN items
  • Implementation guides
  • Clinical judgment case studies with concept maps
  • Skills checklists
  • Expert charts for EHR documentation activities
  • Self-reflection activities

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