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To start exploring the resources below, simply log in to your ATI Faculty Portal and navigate to “Resources > ATI Champions.”

* Special note about additional resources within your ATI Faculty Portal:

  • Product-specific resources, like Educator Implementation Guides (EIGs) and pre-written lesson plans, are located under “Resources > Product & Integration.”
  • ATI product training videos, webinar recordings, and professional development courses are located under “ATI Academy.”

Annual Success Plans

Just like the lesson plans you make to lead your students towards growth and development, our success plans help you pave a path to lead your faculty and keep yearly goals on track. Success plans include high-level details about training and supporting faculty and students throughout the year, goal-setting templates, and tips for tracking and evaluating faculty engagement. To ensure your faculty and students are continually getting the most from their ATI solutions, the success plans are intended to be reviewed and updated annually.

You have access to:

  • Sample success plans and templates for building your own
  • Sample goal sheets and templates
  • Tips and best practices for success plans that work

Quarterly Pre-Written Emails

Each quarter, our Product Training Specialists write an email outlining all things new and noteworthy at ATI and share them with ATI Champions. To easily keep your faculty up-to-date and continue communication, you can forward the pre-written note to your colleagues or post to your program’s intranet.

You have access to:

  • Quarterly, text-based emails that can be copied and pasted directly to an email or intranet forum. All emails are organized and archived in your ATI Faculty Portal for reference.

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VIP Help Desk

While we recommend emailing or calling your dedicated ATI Product Training Specialist for questions or support, we’re always here to provide answers and troubleshoot issues, too. Use our VIP help desk form below to submit your questions, requests, etc. at any time. You’ll receive ultimate response priority and a member of our team will contact you as quickly as possible during business hours.