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Become a Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) expert before NCLEX changes this spring! NGN Navigator now available in ATI Academy. This training will include: NCLEX Test Plan Updates, Clinical Judgement Measurement Model, Engaging Simulations. Login to your ATI Academy account to access the training.

Your opportunity to make a real impact.

ATI Champions are nurse educators, faculty, or administrative staff who are advocates for student success and program improvement. As on-staff guides, they help coordinate training, point faculty in the right direction, and ensure everyone is getting the most out of their ATI solutions. But, it’s about the bigger picture, too. ATI Champions make a real difference – they inspire growth, boost confidence, and empower those around them, ultimately creating better nurses for the future. We call this: The Champion Effect.


The Champion Effect

  1. You complete training to become an ATI Champion
  2. You share tips, tricks, and hands-on assistance to colleagues and students,  instilling confidence and driving classroom efficiencies
  3. Faculty members more effectively utilize ATI solutions, offering students a more in-depth, comprehensive learning experience
  4. Students enter clinicals and professional practice more prepared,  more proficient, and more confident.

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Personal & Professional Perks

  • Take on a visible leadership role
  • Enhance your resume
  • Network and build relationships with colleagues and other ATI Champions
  • Gain continuing education and complimentary CE activities
  • Immerse yourself in an inspiring, energized community
  • Receive ATI Champion merchandise gifts and certificate
  • Get exclusive access to quarterly ATI Calls
  • Earn the opportunity to influence ATI Strategy and product development

Role & Responsibilities

ATI Champions take on many roles, and responsibilities can vary program-to-program. Even so, here are some ideas of what your duties might look like.

Guide on All Things ATI

  • Complete a series of virtual and one-on-one training sessions to become more familiar with ATI’s offerings
  • Develop a yearly success plan for your program to get more out of your ATI solutions
  • Explore and preview products and resources, including Educator Implementation Guides, product training videos in ATI Academy, and more
  • Maintain open communication with your ATI Representative or Product Training Specialist
  • Update user accounts with accurate emails to ensure notifications of updates from ATI
  • Assume primary day-to-day, on-campus responsibility for supporting the consistent use of ATI solutions among faculty and students
  • Update ATI class rosters every term and as needed to ensure accuracy in data

ATI Testing and Remediation Policy Development Evaluation

  • With the help of your ATI Product Training Specialist, coordinate the development, approval, implementation, and evaluation of a fair and equitable Testing and Remediation Policy

Data and Analytics Assist Faculty Members With Generating and Analyzing ATI Data to:

  • Evaluate student progress towards attainment of goals
  • Identify at-risk students
  • Refer students to appropriate resources for remediation
  • Monitor usage of products outlined in the integration plan
  • Identify possible gaps in courses and your program

Faculty and Student Training

  • Provide brief product updates and evaluation of success plan to nursing faculty during regularly scheduled faculty or organizational meetings
  • Plan, schedule and facilitate faculty product training workshops and one-on-one sessions to promote usage, integration best practices, and assist faculty in getting more from their ATI solutions
  • Drive compliance with ATI’s Proctoring Requirements to ensure test security
  • Train students in best practices for successfully using ATI products

Having an ATI Champion on-site sets the tone for acceptance of ATI tools with both faculty and students. We have seen immediate results with students moving from 69% to 88% in first-time pass rates. Former students are now even advising current students to use ATI.



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