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On Track to Pass NCLEX
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ATI Pulse®

Historically, indications of eventual NCLEX success or failure have been restricted to end of program assessments like our own ATI Comprehensive Predictor. Although a highly predictive instrument that provides individualized recommendations for student remediation, the Comprehensive Predictor is not designed to dynamically follow a student through his or her academic career and inform of potential NCLEX remediation needs. To address this gap and provide earlier indications of remediation needs, ATI conducted a nationwide study using data science techniques and machine learning on hundreds of thousands of student assessment results and measures of learning activity performance across four years of data to predict success on each Content Mastery SeriesTM exam, providing an earlier warning of students at risk.

Predict NCLEX Success Early

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ATI Pulse Video

ATI Pulse as a comprehensive tool that utilizes assessment performance, historical trends, and resource usage to predict student success on the NCLEX as early as their first semester. Watch our video to learn more about the features of ATI Pulse, how we categorize students based on their progress, and how we provide actionable information to address problem areas.


Stats by class

ATI Pulse gives educators up-to-the-minute views on current and past cohorts prediction as well as the ability to compare probability of passing across cohorts.


Student's likelihood of passing

ATI Pulse takes predictive analytics to the next level by not just tracking students’ likelihood of passing NCLEX, but their likelihood of securing a Proficiency Level 2 on their next Content Mastery Series proctored assessment, which research demonstrates students who consistently achieve Level 2 are in an excellent position to pass NCLEX.


Student Usage

ATI Pulse provides students and educators with individualized data-backed recommendations for specific modules within ATI learning products that have been shown to contribute to successful assessment performance. Educators can also easily track how much time a student spends studying.


Will know where they stand

Students can view their ATI Pulse score every time they access the ATI portal, including predictions of success and recommendations for study. Students and educators are given the same view of their ATI Pulse data, driving accountability and facilitating clear communication between them.

The numbers behind our predictive model

Results of ATI’s large scale analysis expand upon similar, program-level, efforts exploring how ATI products are predictive of later NCLEX-RN performance.

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