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The Top 10 NGN Articles You Should Read Right Now

Sep 11, 2023, 13:06 PM
<3-min. read> The Next Generation NCLEX continues to be the main topic about which nurse educators want information. Here are their most-read articles.

Next Generation NCLEX: What are your peers' favorite articles?

The Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) is the biggest change to nursing education in decades. It only makes sense that it continues to be a primary topic on which faculty continue wanting to learn more.

Stay up to date on the Next Generation NCLEX

If you’re a new nurse educator or one who wants a refresher on this topic, you’ll find the list below of great value. It is the top 10 most-read articles discussing Next Gen NCLEX on the ATI Educator Blog.

Discover the Basics About the NGN

Top 10 Next Gen NCLEX articlesThese are the articles your peers are turning to again and again to understand the reasons why the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) decided a new version of the NCLEX was needed. These articles provide a foundation for deepening your knowledge about the exam and then allow you to dig deeper into the most important aspects in easy-to-understand language.

The list below is arranged according to the most-read article at the top. But feel free to read them in whatever order makes the most sense to you based on your knowledge level. You’ll find a summary of each article along with a link to read it.

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Read the Top 10 Next Generation NCLEX articles

  1. What are the NCSBN’s 6 functions of clinical judgment for NGN?  


  2. The best nursing concepts for clinical judgment & the new NCLEX 


  3. A refresher: What you need to know about the Next Generation NCLEX 


  4. How different is new (Next Gen) NCLEX from the old NCLEX?  


  5. The big Next Gen NCLEX change that got everyone talking  


  6. Clinical reasoning vs. clinical judgment: What’s the difference for Next Generation NCLEX?  


  7. 8 steps needed to build the Next Generation NCLEX  


  8. Teaching for the new (Next Gen) NCLEX: What strategies work best?  


  9. The timeline the NCSBN followed to create the new NCLEX


  10. Download an easy tip sheet to build students' clinical judgment


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In addition to these articles, visit the Next Generation NCLEX resource center on the ATI website. Bookmark it so you can return whenever you have questions about specific topics, such as:

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