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A Simplified Version of the Next Generation NCLEX Plan

Oct 17, 2018, 11:56 AM
<1.5-min read> NCSBN's groundbreaking path toward assessing clinical judgment in student nurses
A Simplified View of the Next Generation NCLEX Plan v2


Findings from 2013-14 Practice Analysis confirm that clinical judgment is a crucial skill required for significant number of tasks performed by entry-level nurses.

Literature Review

Evaluation of 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts substantiates research and reveals clinical decision-making plays an intimate role in nurses' quality of care.

Pilot Studies

Observational analysis identifies nursing knowledge alone to be inadequate for developing the clinical judgment essential to safe nursing practice.

Testing new item types

Special Research Section of NCLEX offers select students the option of participating in a test of item prototypes in first effort to assess clinical judgment.

Reviewing data

Collected data begins evaluation to determine which item types accurately measure clinical judgment and nursing competence.

Launching new NCLEX

Assuming NCSBN makes a decision to proceed in mid-2019, it anticipates that 2022-2023 is the earliest timeframe for release of the Next Generation NCLEX-RN.

Source: National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN)

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