Launch: Nursing Academic Readiness

A powerful student-paced academic support program to reduce first-year attrition and ensure success for new nursing students

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Launch: Nursing Academic Readiness is an innovative new product that helps students learn and review critical skills needed for nursing program success. This self-paced program comprises 5 review modules. Each student works one-on-one, asynchronously alongside an ATI Educator for up to 6 weeks. The ATI Educator assesses the student’s knowledge and provides a personalized study plan. Once a student completes all modules, that learner will have the confidence to launch into their academic journey. All successful students will receive a certificate of completion to mark their accomplishment.

Keep attrition rates low

First-year nursing students are struggling with basic concepts of reading, math, science, and English. Educators across the country are requesting help. ATI can assist with mitigating the potential increase in attrition rates with our new Launch: Nursing Academic Readiness program, which will help students gain the knowledge and confidence needed to be successful.

Ensure students are ready

Often, students meet admissions requirements but need assistance in key learning areas. Some have difficulty retaining critical knowledge during the period before nursing school begins. Others don’t have a strong knowledge base in Anatomy and Physiology or lack test taking strategies and good study habits, all of which are critical to success.

Get students ready for success in your program by offering ATI’s new Launch: Nursing Academic Readiness program.

Program features

  • 1:1 guidance from an ATI Educator
  • A customized study plan
  • Quizzes, tutorials, and assessments to support unique learning styles
  • Media-rich content to explain and clarify key concepts
  • An end-of-program assessment to gauge comprehension
  • A certificate of completion upon finishing the program.
ATI Launch Features

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