Cindy Morris DNP, RN, IBCLC

Cindy Morris DNP, RN, IBCLC



Cindy Morris DNP, RN, IBCLC is a Nursing Education Specialist with Ascend Learning.  After 25 years of providing direct patient care in a wide variety of settings, Dr. Morris accepted an opportunity to educate tomorrow’s nurses which she has pursued with great dedication ever since.

Dr. Morris spent 11 years as a faculty member facilitating learning and providing guidance for pre-licensure nursing students in both the didactic and clinical setting.  Taking nursing education a step further, Dr. Morris accepted a position with ATI Nursing in the Assessment Sciences department. This role focuses on developing content and assessments to specifically prepare nursing students for the NCLEX.  Dr. Morris demonstrates an exceptional proficiency in each phase of item development including writing, reviewing and the analysis of scored items.

Additionally, Dr. Morris has a passion for assisting breastfeeding couplets to achieve their personal goals. As an internationally certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), Dr. Morris has presented locally and nationally to healthcare providers and laypersons on breastfeeding management. Her research on breastfeeding in a pediatric primary care setting demonstrated a significantly positive correlation between the presence of an IBCLC in that setting with increased breastfeeding duration and exclusivity.

Dr. Morris is committed to helping others achieve their goals both professionally and personally.