It’s time for your accreditation review, and suddenly it’s a race with the clock to get your self-study and internal documents ready for your site visit. We believe that program evaluation and accreditation preparation is an ongoing process. It starts the minute your accreditation visit ends and is monitored continuously so you’re confident and prepared for your next review. Our experienced accreditation experts will help you prepare accreditation documents, review your self-study and provide feedback for improvement, as well as conduct a mock site visit at your school to prepare your students, faculty, staff, and administration for your program’s accreditation visit.

Let Us Help You

  • Develop or revise a systematic evaluation plan (SEP)
  • Establish benchmarks
  • Review faculty roles and responsibilities in accreditation process
  • Create evaluation tools for students, courses, faculty, clinical, and program
  • Facilitate review of data and establishment of action plans
  • Help faculty understand the process of accreditation versus state board approval
  • Evaluate program readiness for accreditation
  • Review your program’s student learning outcomes and program outcomes
  • Facilitate development of accreditation documents
  • Review written chapters of the candidacy presentation or self-study
  • Conduct a mock site visit and resource room review