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Program Development

Accreditation Preparation

It’s time for your accreditation review, and suddenly it’s a race with the clock to get your self-study and internal documents ready for your site visit. We believe that program evaluation and accreditation preparation is an ongoing process. It starts the minute your accreditation visit ends and is monitored continuously so you’re confident and prepared for your next review. Our experienced accreditation experts will help you prepare accreditation documents, review your self-study and provide feedback for improvement, as well as conduct a mock site visit at your school to prepare your students, faculty, staff, and administration for your program’s accreditation visit.


Let us help you:

  • Develop or revise a systematic evaluation plan (SEP)
  • Establish benchmarks
  • Review faculty roles and responsibilities in the accreditation process
  • Create evaluation tools for students, courses, faculty, clinical, and program
  • Facilitate review of data and establishment of action plans
  • Help faculty understand the process of accreditation versus state board approval
  • Evaluate program readiness for accreditation
  • Review your program’s student learning outcomes and program outcomes
  • Facilitate the development of accreditation documents
  • Review written chapters of the candidacy presentation or self-study
  • Conduct a mock site visit and resource room review

Curriculum Development & Revision

Your nursing program is only as good as the curriculum from which you teach. Your curriculum is reflected in the success of your students and is a key factor in accreditation approval. Our nursing consultants partner with you to evaluate and update your curriculum to reflect the latest educational, professional, and healthcare initiatives and trends. We work with you to create a concept-based or traditional curriculum depending on the needs of your program.


Let us help you

  • Update your curriculum to reflect trends and initiatives in education and healthcare
  • Design a new curriculum based on a set of outcomes and competencies, or nursing concepts and exemplars
  • Use our comprehensive Program Manager solution as we walk you through the curriculum revision or initial development process
  • Develop a creative concept-based or traditional curriculum from scratch
  • Link your curriculum components together to establish and demonstrate internal consistency
  • Map curriculum components to industry standards and guidelines
  • Map concepts, outcomes, competencies, and content related to pathophysiology, pharmacology, nutrition, and skills or concepts and exemplars across the curriculum
  • View reports that reflect the various components of your curriculum and their related links for your State Board of Nursing or professional accrediting body

Program Evaluation

We assist you in developing or updating your systematic evaluation plan and its respective components. ATI’s expert consultants work with you to establish levels of achievement to measure program effectiveness and support continuous quality improvement. We work with you to establish an evidence-based process that supports action plans to improve areas that do not meet expected levels of achievement. Additionally, our consultants facilitate a review of your program’s data, uncovering evidence upon which decisions can be made by your faculty to support changes in your program.

We believe program evaluation is a continuous process that supports quality improvement. We facilitate the development or revision of a systematic evaluation plan for your program that addresses accreditation outcome measures. We review your current levels of achievement, data collection tools and surveys, and assist you in the analysis of data collected.


Let us help you

  • Develop or revise a systematic evaluation plan (SEP)
  • Review faculty roles and responsibilities in the program evaluation process
  • Establish a continuous quality improvement process that provides sufficient data for evidence-based program and curriculum changes
  • Establish benchmarks/levels of achievement with rationale
  • Develop evaluation tools for students, courses, faculty, clinical and program
  • Facilitate review of data and establish evidence-based action plans