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4 options to stay on top of your NGN needs

Apr 21, 2022, 12:35 PM
<2-min. read> The Next Gen NCLEX will assess students’ clinical judgment. ATI’s suite of solutions assists in students’ development of this critical skill.

What’s available right now for your ongoing Next Gen NCLEX support

Dr. Patty KnechtThe Next Generation NCLEX — planned to launch in April 2023 — will better assess students’ clinical judgment. ATI’s suite of solutions assists in students’ development of this critical skill. Patty Knecht, PhD, MSN, RN, ANEF, ATI V.P. of Client Success/Chief Nursing Officer, explains that ATI is comprehensive in its approach to NGN.

“Not only is it critical to provide regular additions of NGN-style questions in our assessments,” she explains, “but, just as importantly, ATI focuses on offering all needed resources.”

As a result, you have access to both workshops and other tools to improve faculty’s integration of clinical judgment in the classroom, lab, and clinical areas while continually assessing/evaluating the students’ outcomes. 

1) Resources for developing clinical judgment.

  • Real Life Clinical Reasoning Scenarios
    Screen-based simulation to encourage critical thinking, clinical decision-making, and clinical judgment with deep engagement in realistic client scenarios. Using branching logic, students are challenged to make important healthcare decisions as they progress through each scenario, significantly impacting client outcomes.

  • Nurse’s Touch Suite
    With 6 active-learning solutions, students receive the crucial opportunity to build their skills in realistic, challenging scenarios. Then, upon entering an actual clinical setting, they’re well-versed with that special touch of a professional nurse. Media-rich tutorials, video case studies, virtual simulations, and nationally normed NCLEX-style item assessments boost student confidence and elevate their preparedness to a professional level.Recent & upcoming NGN solutions
  • Video Case Studies
    Video Case Studies offer an easier way for students to grasp difficult concepts. The scenarios, which feature live actors, help students visualize what to expect in clinicals and then end with a question. Students formulate their own plan of care instead of choosing from a set of options, challenging them to flex and refine clinical judgment skills along the way.

  • HealthAssess
    In a single health assessment teaching solution, HealthAssess offers a combination of learning modules and authentic practice simulations to fully prepare nursing students to perform health assessments on all major body systems using the most current techniques and practices.

  • Nurse Logic 2.0
    This helpful resource teaches students to “think like a nurse.” It gives a formal introduction to critical thinking methods, the nursing process, priority-setting frameworks, and test-taking strategies.
  • Skills Modules 3.0
    With the knowledge delivered from 30 modules — each featuring tutorials, step-by-step demonstration videos, checklists, quick references, animations, pre- and post-tests, challenge cases, remediation, and more — students will enter the on-site skills lab with more refined clinical judgment skills.

  • ATI Engage Series
    A 40-lesson alternative to students’ fundamentals textbooks equips students with modules that are broken into easy-to-digest segments of content and interwoven with rich multimedia graphics, videos, and engaging activities that help students apply their learning. Plus, students find clarity in consistent skills techniques with embedded videos from ATI’s Skills Modules and through practice with active EHR documentation from ATI’s fully integrated EHR Tutor.

  • Swift River Clinical Simulations
    Virtual Clinicals offers a series of more than 600 screen-based simulation scenarios covering all the major clinical areas. Students become more prepared and confident for the clinical setting, gaining experience through exposure to hundreds of diverse client scenarios. They are given the opportunity to begin making clinical decisions, including practice with analytical thinking, prioritization, and delegation.

2) Resources for assessing clinical judgment.

  • The NCLEX Experience
    Available for RN and PN, this product gives students an orientation and an opportunity to practice with Next Generation NCLEX item types in a low-stakes environment.

  • Content Mastery Series
    The Content Mastery Series is designed to provide data related to a student’s mastery of specific concepts related to the NCLEX. Each core content area includes a proctored assessment and online practice assessment, as well as remediation materials in print and online.

  • Custom Assessment Builder
    This tool allows you to create and maintain exams quickly and easily by providing you with thousands of test items from an expansive ATI item bank and giving you the ability to create your own custom items. Select individual items to create an assessment or design a test blueprint and opt for the Custom Assessment Builder to handle item selection for you.

  • Comprehensive Predictor – With NGN items
    Comprehensive Predictor is the last stop for students before they enter intensive NCLEX prep. This three-hour, 180-item, proctored test is designed to help students assess their likelihood of passing the NCLEX while detailing areas for further remediation.

  • Concept-Based Curriculum – With NGN items
    ATI’s standardized RN Concept-Based Assessments are the first of their kind to provide nationally normed tests with proficiency benchmarks for use in concept-based curricula. 46 different key nursing concepts are covered in our online practice and proctored assessments, all featuring NCLEX-style questions. At four progressive stages across a nursing program’s curriculum, nurse educators can monitor and measure student mastery in each concept. 

3) ATI tools newly launched & in development.

  • New scoring methods for NGN items. COMPLETED
  • Next Generation NCLEX Questions Overview. RECENTLY UPDATED
  • NGN items in select Content Mastery Series assessments. AVAILABLE NOW & ONGOING
  • NGN items in Custom Assessment Builder assessments. AVAILABLE NOW & ONGOING
  • Pretesting NGN items. ONGOING
  • Creation of NGN-style items. ONGOING
  • A new testing engine to support NGN-item types. IN PROGRESS
  • The NCLEX Experience. IN PROGRESS
  • Next Generation NCLEX Item Scoring Videos. IN PROGRESS
  • NGN items in the Comprehensive Predictor assessment. COMING 2022
  • NGN items in Concept-Based assessments. COMING 2022

Following are the ATI Content Mastery Series assessments that will also have NGN items:

  • Fundamentals
  • Mental Health
  • Adult Medical Surgical
  • Maternal Newborn
  • Nursing Care of Children
  • Comprehensive Predictor

4) Robust references. 

Examples include: