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Nominations Being Accepted Now for ATI's Teaching Forward Award

Nov 30, 2018, 12:20 PM
<.45-min. read> Know someone who has created an active-learning teaching strategy using ATI's Tutorial Solutions: Real Life™, Nurse’s Touch™ or ATI Video Case Studies? Nominate that person (or nominate yourself!) for ATI’s Teaching Forward Award!
Learn about the award & make your nomination before the end of the year.

The NEW ATI Teaching Forward Award

We are looking to recognize professors and faculty members who go the extra mile with ATI Tutorial products.

Do you know someone who has created and utilized an active learning teaching strategy using Real Life™, Nurse’s Touch™ or our Video Case Studies? Someone who successfully implemented these innovative strategies, plus has received evaluative student and peer feedback?

That individual could receive a $100 gift card, a professional letter of acknowledgement, a feature post on the ATI blog, plus an invitation to join a webinar with an ATI Nurse Educator Integration Specialist. Nominate a colleague or yourself today!
Teaching Forward Award