Nurse’s Touch™

Nurse's Touch™

Nurse’s Touch is an exclusive online learning tool designed to help students sharpen their professional and interpersonal skills to help face the emotional and physical demands that come with being a nurse. Featuring tutorials, case studies, assessments and high-quality, live-action video, Nurse’s Touch simulates sensitive but common scenarios nurses face on the job. Nurse’s Touch helps students learn how to communicate effectively with patients, families, peers and members of their team. Students also learn how to keep themselves healthy, manage work-related stress, and contribute and lead in a team environment.

Nurse’s Touch includes five learning modules:
  • Professional Communication
  • Wellness and Self-care for Nurses
  • Becoming a Professional Nurse
  • Nursing Informatics and Technology
  • Leadership and Management

Preparing students for clinical is a challenge. We do as many things as we can to prepare a student for clinical. Nurse’s Touch allows us to prepare them to interact with a patient in a way that they probably haven’t done in their previous life, if you will. So they learn the caring art of the nurse/patient relationship. It’s not taught in a textbook. It’s not even taught online in many cases. However, the students are able to do that now with Nurse's Touch.

Sheri Shields RN,
MSN Santa Barbara City College

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