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A Vision Aligned to The AACN Essentials

AACN Essentials

ATI’s comprehensive program-wide approach is positioned at its core to support the same learning methods outlined by the AACN as important to the success of competency-based education. With solutions built on a foundation of iterative learning – including critical concepts and competencies woven throughout a diverse set of interactive tutorials, clinical experiences, assessments, and remediation – we share the same goals and beliefs as the AACN around competency-based education and greater standardization of new nurse preparedness.

“Given changes in higher education, learner expectations, and the rapidly evolving healthcare system outlined in AACN’s Vision for Academic Nursing (2019), new thinking and new approaches to nursing education are needed to prepare the nursing workforce of the future.” – AACN

An ideal foundation for competency-based education

Lay a strong foundation across your program with learning solutions rooted in:

Iterative learning with essential concepts and competencies

Experienced and assessed in varying contexts, depths, and environments throughout program progression.

Innovation in diverse learning activities and assessments

Supporting evolving student learning styles and preferences.

Active learning strategies

Challenging students to put knowledge into action and apply it to real situations as they learn.

Intelligent reporting and remediation

For regular assessment of progress and frequent feedback on areas for development.

Realistic clinical scenario experiences

Developing clinical judgment skills.


Aligning your program to the new AACN Essentials is easier with our powerful accreditation and curriculum management tool, Program Manager, and our team of Integration Specialist Nurse Educators, and even our professional consulting team if needed.

ATI Program Manager by MedHub

Making it easier for your program to advance toward critical institution goals, with all your curricula, courses, assessment data, evaluations, and competencies (including those for the new AACN Essentials) in one place.

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Our Integration Specialist Nurse Educators use a Solution Alignment tool to map out ATI solutions to learning outcomes across your curriculum for a quicker and easier start.

Profesional Consulting Team

Our professional consulting team helps you transform your curriculum with confidence with their AACN Essentials consultation packages and workshops among other topics.

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