ATI Author Addresses Relationship of Multiple Attempts on Admissions Exams to Early Program Performance

Oct 10, 2018, 10:15 AM by Gina Kellogg
When a student makes multiple attempts at an admissions assessment, an institution must decide how to incorporate the resulting information into its admissions decision. However, little research exists to guide this decision within a nursing admissions context.

Recently, however, Michelle Dunham, PhD, Senior Research Scientist in the Assessment Sciences Division of ATI, explored this topic with colleague Joshua MacInnes, PhD.

Their efforts examined patterns in retesting scores from a nursing admissions assessment. They reviewed correlations of four retesting score treatments with scores on an early program assessment. The results have now been published in the Journal of Nursing Education.

The article is available via open access so anyone can read the results without requiring a subscription to JNE.

Read the full article at: