‘Combining Cognitive Rehearsal, Simulation, and Evidence-Based Scripting to Address Incivility’ Is Latest Research Article in ‘Nurse Educator’ Journal by Cindy Clark

Jul 18, 2018, 14:02 PM by Gina Kellogg

When it comes to the topic of civility, Cynthia Clark, PhD, RN, ANEF, FAAN, is the expert with the answers. Recently, Cindy — who is Strategic Nursing Advisor for ATI — focused her expertise on studying civility’s impact on patient safety, asking the question: “How can students improve their skills in dealing with incivility?”

Cindy’s research led her to the conclusion that cognitive rehearsal is the answer.

What is cognitive rehearsal? Cindy describes it as an evidence-based technique where learners practice addressing workplace incivility in a nonthreatening environment with a skilled facilitator. In her paper, she writes that the unique combination of cognitive rehearsal, simulation, evidence-based scripting, deliberate practice, and debriefing can prepare nursing students to address uncivil encounters.

“It’s an effective method to provide nursing students with the skills needed to address incivility, thereby increasing the likelihood of protecting patient safety,” Cindy writes.

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