EHR Educational Training Now Offered by ATI

May 24, 2018, 13:56 PM by Gina Kellogg

ATI recently completed the purchase of EHR Tutor, the industry-leading educational tool designed by a nurse educator for nurse educators so they can safely teach students how to use electronic health record and charting systems.

ATI made the decision to acquire EHR Tutor based on numerous requests from nurse educators who identified the need for an EHR educational tool that would allow them to:

  • Coach students
  • Provide feedback based on students’ input into an electronic chart
  • Allow students’ use of an EHR system in a safe, controlled environment.

Providing its clients with this tool is part of how ATI fulfills its mission of helping prepare highly educated, practice-ready nurses for the future.

Specific areas in which EHR Tutor will help nurse educators develop better-prepared nurses:

  • Extreme versatility. Designed for use in simulation labs (with unfolding scenarios), the system also works in clinical rotations — where students often aren’t allowed to use EHR systems — and in classroom curriculums.
  • Countless options. With 150 prebuilt patient charts and 320+ different scenarios (from mental health and pediatrics to labor and delivery, and more), the possibilities for creating exactly what a nurse educator needs are infinite, including editing prebuilt charts or building their own.
  • Superior user experience for skills-building. While EHR Tutor is simplistic in design and implementation, it is powerful in building students’ clinical-reasoning skills.

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