Three Things to Know about the TEAS Exam: Episode 256

In this podcast we will dig into 3 key things to know about the TEAS so you can be prepared and do your best.

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Welcome to a unique podcast partnership between Straight A Nursing and ATI. This series offers in-depth conversations, expert insights, and actionable tips, aimed at empowering both aspiring and current nursing students. Our mission is to provide essential resources and support to help students thrive academically and professionally.

This podcast discusses 3 key things to know about the TEAS exam for getting into nursing or allied health school. It’s important to know that each school manages the TEAS exam differently, so be sure to check the requirements for taking the exam at each school where you apply. Some important differences include where and how you take the TEAS – some schools only accept scores from exams taken in-person. The number of attempts you can have on the TEAS, the length of time between TEAS attempts and more.

Nurse Mo also stresses the importance of preparing for the TEAS exam. It is recommended that applicants take at least 6-weeks to prepare. And what you use to prepare is also important. Free materials are great, but they are usually outdated questions that don’t align to the latest version of the exam. ATI is the creator of the TEAS exam and has the most up-to-date study materials that directly align with the latest test blueprint.