Review Module Package

The Review Modules packages contain RN and PN specialized review books with over 4,600 pages and 2,000+ exercises.

$450 | RN Package

$339 | PN Package


Review Module Package

This Review Module package includes 8 PN or 9 RN specialized review books with over 4,600 pages of comprehensive nursing content and over 2,000 critical thinking and application exercises.

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NCLEX® Connections

NCLEX® Connections at the beginning of each unit – pointing out areas of the detailed test plan that relate to the content in that unit.

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Active Learning Scenarios

Active Learning Scenarios are given at the end of each chapter. A nursing scenario is given, and you apply the knowledge from that chapter in that scenario.

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Quizzes & rationale

At the end of each chapter we offer quizzes with detailed rationales to help you improve retention.

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QSEN Competencies

Icons are positioned throughout the module to point out QSEN competencies.

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