How to Prepare for the ATI TEAS Exam: Episode 179

In this podcast we are digging into some of the top questions people have about taking the TEAS.

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Welcome to a unique podcast partnership between Straight A Nursing and ATI. This series offers in-depth conversations, expert insights, and actionable tips, aimed at empowering both aspiring and current nursing students. Our mission is to provide essential resources and support to help students thrive academically and professionally.

Nurse Mo and TEAS expert Ms. Tami Hess discuss the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS), which is important for those entering nursing and allied health fields. Ms. Hess describes how the TEAS evaluates key skills in reading, math, science, and English and language usage to see if students are ready for nursing school. She advises studying with ATI’s official prep materials including full-length practice tests for at least 6-weeks and suggests not to depend only on other test prep materials that may not be aligned with the most recent version of the exam, especially the free prep materials.

Ms. Hess points out that good TEAS scores are often a sign of future success in nursing programs. She backs this up with research and shows the benefits of proper study by quizzing Nurse Mo with sample TEAS questions, giving tips for each part of the exam.