Deep Dive into the New ATI TEAS Exam

Listen to an interview with an ATI team member to answer your questions about the new ATI TEAS 7 exam!

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Welcome to a unique podcast partnership between Straight A Nursing and ATI. This series offers in-depth conversations, expert insights, and actionable tips, aimed at empowering both aspiring and current nursing students. Our mission is to provide essential resources and support to help students thrive academically and professionally.

During this episode, Ms. Tami Hess from ATI discusses updates to the ATI TEAS Exam version 7 on Nurse Mo's podcast. The TEAS 7 has new question types called alternate item question types like multiple select, fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-drop, and hotspot to mimic the next-generation NCLEX. The exam still has 4 sections (reading, math, science and English and Language Usage) and each section is timed individually. Importantly, multiple select questions are all-or-nothing scoring rather than partial credit so it’s important students are prepared for these new type of questions.

Ms. Hess also reviews the most missed questions on the TEAS exam which includes human anatomy, chemistry, and geometry. Ms. Hess recommends using ATI's practice tests for personalized study plans and highlights new free resources like an online practice exam and mobile app. And it is recommended that applicants take up to 6 weeks to properly prepare for the exam – allowing for time for a second attempt if necessary, prior to submitting scores for admissions requirements.