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See why over 800,000 people have used ATI TEAS Prep

ATI TEAS SmartPrep Package

Personalized TEAS prep that adapts to you



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What’s inside the package?


SmartPrep tutorial

SmartPrep is the heart of your prep, identifying your weak areas up front and guiding you through a customized study plan.


Mobile app - 90 days

Test your knowledge on-the-go with 2,300 practice questions and detailed rationales for each answer.

SmartPrep Tutorial

Imagine how much time you will save with personalized TEAS prep.

Focus on the areas with which you need the most help thanks to our SmartPrep technology.

With our initial practice tests and robust test taker data, we can assess your proficiency in different topic areas and adjust the lessons and materials just for you.

ATI TEAS Content Areas

Our Format

Content is broken down into 64 lessons.

All based on what you need to focus on the most.

SmartPrep is broken down into 4 subject areas. Within each subject area, you can access dozens of lessons making it easier to complete small chunks of prep at a time. At the end of each lesson, test your comprehension with short end-of-lesson quizzes.

Post-lesson quizzes

Complete our post-lesson quizzes to unlock post-test 1

Post-test 1 is aligned to the TEAS 7 exam. This gives you an opportunity to see what the actual TEAS exam could feel like. We recommend purchasing an additional Practice Test to improve your preparation.

ATI TEAS Practice Test Form B
Practice test

3,000 Practice questions

Go beyond memorization & gain a deeper understanding.

What if every question you answered had an in-depth rationale to change the way you think? That is exactly how our SmartPrep Tutorial and Mobile App are structured. They give you a leg up on the exam.

See why more than 800,000 students have used ATI TEAS Prep

Invest in your future career and get a leg up on your peers.

Your TEAS score is more than just a number.

Did you know that 40% of people must retake the TEAS? It's essential to prepare well, particularly for sections like chemistry, A&P and healthcare math. Remember, this foundation is key for your future in healthcare education.


Access & requirements

Get unlimited use of the SmartPrep tutorial for 90 days.

  • ATI TEAS SmartPrep requires a device with a screen larger than 7”.
  • The 90-day Mobile App and SmartPrep Tutorial also require an internet connection.
  • SmartPrep is available for unlimited use for 90 days. After 90 days, you may extend your access for an additional 90-day period for $30.
  • You will receive a notification that your 90-day usage is ending with a link to purchase the extension in your ATI student account. This is not a subscription and you will not be automatically charged.
  • The 90-Day ATI TEAS Mobile app can also be renewed after 90-days for a fee.

Limited time offers

Get access to SmartPrep in two different ways:

SmartPrep Package

Including: The SmartPrep Tutorial and the 90-Day Mobile App



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Comprehensive Package

Including: The SmartPrep Tutorial, the TEAS Study Guide, 2 Full-Length Practice Tests, 1 A & P Practice Test and the 90-Day Mobile App



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