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See why over 800,000 people have used ATI TEAS Prep

ATI TEAS Practice Test Package

Get a feel for the exam and reduce your test-day anxiety.


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What’s inside the package?

Our prep products are designed to work together to give you the best prep experience at the best value.


Practice test form A

Get a baseline score highlighting subjects that need improvement.


Practice test form B

Use this to re-test your readiness level before the exam.


90 days mobile app

Get access to more than 2300 practice questions to study on the go.


A&P practice test

Brush up on your anatomy and physiology with 70 practice questions.

See why more than 800,000 students have used ATI TEAS Prep:

Start off with an exam-like practice test.

Experience the same format and style of the official TEAS 7 exam.

Get a feel for your readiness level by taking a practice test. Then review your answers and understand each question with detailed rationales.

ATI TEAS Practice Test Form A
ATI TEAS Mobile App

Next, study on the go with our premium mobile app.

Gain 90-day access to more than 2,300 questions.

Create custom quizzes, review correct and incorrect answers, and review a detailed results dashboard. Plus, use the mobile app to practice with extra questions before exam day.

Get familiar with anatomy and physiology questions.

Struggle with A&P? No worries. Test and improve your knowledge of general A&P content.

The A&P practice test is an invaluable tool for reinforcing your knowledge of anatomy. Not only is it instrumental for acing the TEAS exam, but it also lays a solid foundation for success in nursing and allied health programs.

ATI TEAS Practice Test Form B

Learn from the creators of the ATI TEAS exam.

We wrote the exam and then created a variety of study materials for every level of prep. All are aligned to the ATI TEAS Version 7.

This insight gives you access to TEAS prep resources that are developed by leading experts on the ATI TEAS Exam.

Access duration & requirements

  • The ATI TEAS Practice Test Package requires a device with a screen larger than 7” and an internet connection.
  • Each ATI TEAS Practice Test may be completed two times with the same set of questions. You may exit the practice exam and return to your stopping point any time during the practice exam until you complete the exam.

Reduce test day anxiety by becoming familiar with what to expect.

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I would advise someone preparing for the exam to invest in the prep products, because they prepare you for success on the ATI TEAS exam.

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I like that the SmartPrep is designed to highlight the areas that need improvement. The mobile app was also great to study on the go!

Alison D

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Pay for the ATI prep materials. I feel as though [they] helped me score higher after my first try.

Shanon B

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Practice Test

Including: 2 practice tests, 1 A&P practice test and the 90-Day Mobile App.


Excellent Value

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