Five Tips to Improve Your TEAS Score: Episode 282

In this episode, we are sharing five tips for improving your TEAS score.

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Welcome to a unique podcast partnership between Straight A Nursing and ATI. This series offers in-depth conversations, expert insights, and actionable tips, aimed at empowering both aspiring and current nursing students. Our mission is to provide essential resources and support to help students thrive academically and professionally.

In this episode, Nurse Mo interviews Tami Hess from ATI and Dr. Kelly McCullough from Rasmussen University about the ATI TEAS exam and admissions into Nursing or Allied Health School. Ms. Hess explains the purpose of the ATI TEAS® exam is to assess a candidate’s overall academic preparedness for a health science program in the topics of reading, math, science, and English and language usage.

Dr. McCullough advises retaking the exam if the desired TEAS score isn't achieved initially, highlighting the importance of analyzing the score report to target improvement areas. They stress the value of practice tests in preparing for the TEAS exam effectively.

The discussion also covers strategies to enhance applications, including the timely preparation of necessary documents and materials. The trio delves into the significance of the TEAS exam, strategies for improvement after an unsuccessful attempt, and additional tips for standing out in the competitive field of nursing and allied health school admissions.