How Cheating Causes Harm – A Conversation with ATI

In this special episode, we’re exploring the concept of academic integrity, what counts as “cheating” and how both the student (and their future patients) are put at risk.

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Welcome to a unique podcast partnership between Straight A Nursing and ATI. This series offers in-depth conversations, expert insights, and actionable tips, aimed at empowering both aspiring and current nursing students. Our mission is to provide essential resources and support to help students thrive academically and professionally.

In this episode, we discuss the topic of Academic Integrity in Nursing. Even though nursing is THE most trusted profession, you may be surprised to learn that academic misconduct occurs at the same rate amongst nursing students as it does other academic disciplines. One reason for this is that cheating goes beyond just getting “extra help” on an exam, and students may not recognize other aspects of academic dishonesty as actual cheating.

The reason cheating is such a big deal in nursing school is that it’s not just the student who suffers. Ultimately, patient safety is at stake.

Join us as we unpack the nuances of academic integrity, define what is considered as cheating (you may be surprised), and discuss the far-reaching implications for students and their eventual patients.