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Pharmacology for Nursing

Pharmacology for Nursing

Pharmacology is the subject most nursing students dread. Dosage calculation and pharmacology are among the most challenging topics to master in nursing school. For a student, they require practice, time and remediation. We have done our best to simplify pharmacology by creating a thorough, easy-to-use and understand study plan using a comprehensive study guide and in-depth online tutorials to test knowledge and guide remediation for pharmacology and dosage calculations.

Review Module

Over 390 pages of content to help you master Pharmacology for Nursing

  • Over 190 pages of content to help you master Adult Medical Surgical concepts
  • Quizzes with detailed rationales after each chapter
  • Sections include: Pharmacological Principals; Medications Affecting the Nervous System; Medications Affecting the Respiratory System; Medications Affecting the Cardiovascular System; Medications Affecting the Hematologic System; Medications Affecting the Gastrointestinal System and Nutrition; Medications Affecting the Reproductive System; Medications for Joint and Bone Conditions; Medications for Pain and Inflammation; Medications Affecting the Endocrine System; Medications Affecting the Immune System; and Medications for Infection
  • Active Learning Scenarios are given at the end of each chapter. A nursing scenario is given and you apply the knowledge from that chapter in that scenario
  • NCLEX® Connections at the beginning of each unit – pointing out areas of the detailed test plan that relate to the content in that unit
  • QSEN Competencies. Icons are positioned throughout the module to point out QSEN competencies
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Active Stack Pharmacology Flash Cards

Active Stack Pharmacology Flash Cards cover content including:

  • Generic and brand/trade name
  • Therapeutic use
  • Side-adverse effects
  • Interventions
  • Patient instructions
  • Administration considerations
  • Contraindications
  • Precautions
  • Interactions
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Online Tutorial

Pharmacology Made Easy

This is an interactive, media-rich tutorial designed to teach one of the most difficult subjects in nursing school.

  • 13 educational modules
  • Medications are presented according to their medication category
  • Video case studies of medications used in clinical settings
  • Pairs with Dosage Calculation & Safe Medication Administration Tutorial
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Products can be purchased individually or as a part of the recommended package.

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RN/PN Pharmacology Review Module

A comprehensive RN or PN review of Pharmacology - ideal for remediation.
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Pharmacology Made Easy 4.0

Break down the complexity of pharmacology and ensure safe patient care with Pharmacology Made Easy.
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Active Stack - Pharmacology Flash Cards

Developed by experts, more than 1,800 interactive, online flash cards cover a broad range of pharmacology content. They feature detailed information on the top 200 drugs, including select prototype drugs for major drug categories.
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