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ATI offers two versions of our App, a Free version and a paid version. If you choose to purchase our paid app, you can gain access to these great features.


2300+ Questions

Aligned to the ATI TEAS Version 7 exam including alternate item question types

No Recurring Charges

Choose either 30-day or 90-day access. No recurring monthly billing to unsubscribe from

Question of the Day

Get a new TEAS question every day

Custom Quizzes

Create customized quizzes or let ATI create random question quizzes

Quizzes By Subject

Quick start quizzes by subject area. You may select between 5 and 100 questions for each quick start quiz

Study / Exam Mode

Select between study mode (shows rationales for right and wrong answers) or exam mode (no rationales shown) on all quiz types

Question Rationale

Detailed rationales for both right and wrong answers in study mode

Performance Tracking

Track your quiz results by subject area and sub-topic area. Launch quizzes directly from your results to focus on specific areas that need improvement

2300+ Questions

Quiz questions aligned to the ATI TEAS Version 7 Exam

Alternate Item Types

Includes new alternate item question types like select-all-that-apply and ordered response.

Detailed Questions and Rationales

Rationales for right and wrong answers from the creator of the exam.

Custom Quizzes

Create custom quizzes based on subject areas

Focus on areas that you want to improve

Spend time on the subjects that need the most improvement. Dive deeper into specific topic areas within each subject.

Test once, test twice, and test again

Create custom quizzes and save them to take again or create new custom quizzes. You can also let ATI choose your random questions as well. With 2300+ questions, you won’t see the same question over and over.

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Get your highest score possible with 2300+ practice questions and these great features.

Flexible Pricing

Upgrade to Premium and unlock all features

The Official ATI TEAS App is the ONLY App from the creators of the TEAS exam.

Free Version
(Unlimited Access)


80 Questions

2 quizzes per topic area

Ability to flag and unflag questions

Results Dashboard

Question of the Day


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2300+ Questions

Quick Start Quizzes by subject area

Study Mode or Exam Mode

One-time payment

Performance dashboard

Question of the Day

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(90 Day Access)


2300+ Questions

Quick Start Quizzes by subject area

Study Mode or Exam Mode

One time payment

Performance dashboard

Question of the Day

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