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TEAS Quick Tips

  • This is an online method for taking the TEAS exam proctored by ATI.
  • A four-function calculator (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) is built into the TEAS Online Exam - Proctored by ATI .
  • You should have received your TEAS Assessment ID by email from ATI. This assessment ID may be necessary to start your exam if your exam doesn’t load. Keep this ID handy for test day.
  • Plan on 4 hours maximum to complete your TEAS exam. 
  • TEAS exams cannot be rescheduled or reimbursed. If you have an emergency, please contact ATI Customer Support at 1-800-667-7531.
  • Download our TEAS Quick Start Guide, including visual step-by-step instructions.
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System Requirements

Before the day of your exam, be sure you can meet the following system requirements:

  • Download Google Chrome™ Version 86 or later (Download). If you already have Google Chrome, make sure you have the most up-to-date version.
  • Test on a PC or a Mac (you cannot use a phone or a tablet).
    • PC – Windows 10 or later, minimum resolution 1024 x 600.
    • Mac – Mac OS®X 10.11 or later, minimum resolution 1024 x 600.
  • Enable JavaScript and cookies within your Google Chrome browser.
  • Disable your pop-up blocker in Google Chrome.
  • Install the Proctorio Chrome Extension in Google Chrome.
  • Have a microphone – either internal or external.
  • Have a webcam (minimum resolution 320x240 VGA) – either internal or external.
  • Ensure your internet speed is between 0.5 – 1 Mbps. You can test your internet speed using www.speedtest.net.
  • ATI does not consider technical issues on the tester’s computer or Internet to be a valid reason for a refund or free reschedule exception. Please make sure all technical requirements are met before the start time of the assessment and use the Dry-Run assessment if necessary to test your system.

Dry Run 101

The purpose of the dry run is to walk through each step in the online exam process before your actual test day. 
This will help identify any issues beforehand, as well as give you an idea of what to expect.

Before starting the dry run, you should:

  • Make sure your laptop or desktop computer is fully charged and equipped with a webcam and microphone.
  • Close all other windows and documents on your computer.
  • Have a government-issued photo ID card available.
  • Find a well-lit space and be ready for a room scan prior to your assessment. Check out this exam environment guide from Proctorio for helpful tips.
  • Position your webcam from your shoulders up so that your face is fully visible. 

To begin the dry run:

  • Log in to your ATI student account and click “MY ATI” > “TEST”> “REMOTE PROCTORING DRY RUN.”
  • Click “BEGIN” to launch Proctorio into the “BEFORE YOU BEGIN” page. Select “START EXAM PRE-CHECKS” and follow the steps. 

Test Day Instructions

Before starting the exam, you should:

  • Make sure your laptop or desktop computer is fully charged and equipped with a webcam and microphone.
  • Close all other windows and documents on your computer.
  • Have a government-issued photo ID card available.
  • Find a well-lit space and be ready for a room scan prior to your assessment. Check out this exam environment guide from Proctorio for helpful tips.
  • Position your webcam from your shoulders up so that your face is fully visible. 
  • Have a single piece of clean scratch paper and a pencil or pen for reference during the exam.


Start the log-in process 30 minutes prior to exam time:

  • Using the Google Chrome internet browser, go to www.atitesting.com and log in to your ATI account.
  • Once logged in, click the “TEST” tab.
  • If you have the ATI TEAS Exam card, click “BEGIN.”
    • If you do not have the ATI TEAS Exam card, select “ADD PRODUCT” and input the Product/Assessment ID that was provided in an email from ATI.
  • The proctor must approve you before you can begin the test. The “BEGIN” button will not be activated until the proctor approves you.

Have TEAS Questions?

Find answers on our ATI TEAS FAQ Center by typing your question below.

Official TEAS Transcripts

  • If you are testing via TEAS at ATI, you will receive one complimentary transcript with your registration and may choose the school in which to submit this official transcript. You may send the transcript following the completion of your TEAS exam by logging into your student account at www.atitesting.com/login and selecting SEND TRANSCRIPT under TEAS ACTIVITY or by selecting the MY RESULTS tab and clicking SEND TRANSCRIPT below your scored proctored TEAS exam results. If you are applying to more than one school, you will need to purchase additional transcripts or transcript credits for those submissions.
  • Transcripts are electronically sent to the institution or testing center within two hours of your submission.
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TEAS Testing Accommodations

Please submit your accommodations request to ATI Test Security at [email protected] at least 30 days prior to testing/signing up for a test date to be considered for testing accommodations. For additional details, please refer to the Q & A below on testing accommodations for the TEAS at ATI exam.

Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, each testing institution must provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with a documented disability that hinders their ability to take any ATI assessment under standard conditions. It is the responsibility of each administering institution to determine how the disability will be reasonably accommodated in the testing process and for the proctor to ensure that the approved accommodation is in place.

Support for the TEAS Online Exam - Proctored by ATI

General customer service before exam day: Contact ATI Support at 1-800-667-7531.

For your product/assessment ID or issues launching your exam: Contact ATI Test Security at 1-844-956-2790. (This number is only available during exam hours and for remote exams at ATI.)

Issues during the exam: If you experience technical issues after you have started your exam, contact Proctorio directly via the chat option in the Quiz Tools Window.


Don’t Forget to Prep

We are now offering the new 2020-2021 TEAS Study Manual with a full-length practice test in an eBook format, as well as a new TEAS Online Practice Assessment (Version C). 

View all of our prep products here.

Questions about your TEAS Online Exam - Proctored by ATI ?

If you are taking the TEAS Online Exam - Proctored by ATI, these are the accommodations set forth for the TEAS exam:

Accommodations may be available to individuals with documented disabilities pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ATI provides reasonable testing accommodations to candidates whose documented disabilities or other qualifying medical conditions hinder their ability to take the examination under standard conditions. Please be aware that submission of a request for an accommodation does not guarantee testing accommodations. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis considering the information submitted and in accordance with the law.
Requests for accommodations will be processed as quickly as possible. Candidates should allow for a minimum of 30 days for processing, with the understanding that some cases may take longer. Candidates should include all the required documentation (see instructions below for what is required) with their initial request.

To be considered for accommodations, please submit your accommodations request to ATI Test Security at [email protected] at least 30 days prior to testing/signing up for a test date.

Attach a letter from an objective physician or healthcare professional qualified to diagnose the disability or medical condition and render an opinion as to the need for an accommodation. An “objective” professional is one who is not the requestor or related to the requestor. The letter must be dated within 2 years of the anticipated date of your exam. If you are a high school student, or post-secondary student who is within 2 years of high school graduation, an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) may be used in lieu of the letter provided the IEP is actively in place. The letter or IEP MUST include the following:

  • The specific disability/diagnosis. Mental/emotional disabilities must be accompanied by a numerical DSM-IV classification code.
  • A brief explanation of how this condition limits the candidate’s ability to take the exam under standard conditions.
  • If this is not a permanent disability or diagnosis, include date first diagnosed, approximate duration, and method used to make the diagnosis.
  • Specific accommodations required. These accommodations should be adequate without creating an unfair advantage. Please note that candidates who require extra time to complete the exam will be given 1 1/2 times the standard allotted time. If more time is needed, the letter or IEP must specifically state how much time is needed and why that amount of time is required.

You may take an optional 10-minute bathroom break upon completion of the Mathematics section of the TEAS. At that time, you may not access any personal items including cell phones, notes, manuals, etc. Any excessive time taken away from your seat will result in a flag and may result in a formal review of your exam.

The exam sections are in the following order: Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. After you complete the Mathematics section, you will be presented with the following screen:

You may take your break and then, when you are ready to start the Science section, please select “Proceed to next section” and your exam will continue.


No. A four-function calculator is built into the online exam. You will have addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division capabilities. You will not be able to use a personal calculator.

You can use a sheet of 8 ½” x 11” scratch paper to help work through questions on the TEAS exam. It must be blank and without any writing prior to the start of the TEAS exam.

No. Proctorio will never access your personal files or data stored on your computer.

No. Unlike some systems, Proctorio only uses facial detection. Facial detection is used to see if a test-taker is looking away from the screen for an extended period, if there are other people present in the test-taking environment, or if the test-taker has left the exam for any reason. All of these are indicated by the absence of a face on the screen for a set period.

Only your institution-approved exam administrator/proctor will be monitoring you during the TEAS exam, flagging certain behaviors as dictated by your institution. Decisions regarding potential breaches of exam integrity are left to the discretion of your institution.

No. Proctorio only runs during an exam. Since it is a browser extension, it can be uninstalled or disabled immediately after your TEAS exam is submitted and reinstalled or enabled if you need to take the TEAS again.

The institution will dictate what type of behavior it wants to monitor over the course of the exam. Exam administrators/proctors will then review exam attempts to determine whether any flagged behavior was truly infringing on the integrity of the exam.

Subtle movements, such as the ones mentioned, are not likely to be flagged. Even if such actions are flagged, the exam administrator can review the exam attempt and determine whether the given behavior was actually a breach of exam integrity or not.

For more information on the Proctorio online testing platform, visit their Frequently Asked Questions page here.

Have TEAS Questions?