General Ordering Information

Proctored Assessment

Assessments described as “Proctored” are assessments provided only to nursing schools. The assessments must be administered with an eligible proctor present in the room (paper-pencil) or computer lab (Internet-based). None of the questions which appear on the Proctored assessments appear on the online practice assessments available through ATI. The ATI assessments (whether Internet-based or paper-pencil) are provided in a scrambled format to aid in preserving the integrity of the assessment both for ATI and the School.

Proctoring Assessments

All “Proctored” Assessments must be proctored by an eligible proctor per the Eligibility Proctoring Requirements and abide by processes and procedures documented in the Proctor Manual all located on on the “How To” tab and then by selecting ‘Product Training’. Proctors also must digitally sign the Proctor Oath through the Proctor Certification Course on ATI academy.

Online Practice Assessments

Assessments described as “Online Practice” are assessments which are delivered and administered only via the Internet. The School may provide the assessment number and password to its students for the students to self-administer as an additional education / reinforcement tool (the assessment can be re-used many times by the student during that particular academic term). The nursing School can administer the assessment for practice, extra credit or for grading (the computer will record only the first response to each question). Note:. The Online Practice assessments can be accessed from any computer with Internet access and do not require a proctor.

Review Modules (Soft Cover Books)

ATI will provide a complimentary faculty set of Review Modules upon request. Additional sets of Review Modules are offered to instructors only at the discounted price of 50% off of regular price for individual books or $50.00 per complete set. Shipping and handling for the entire set will be a single fee of $17.50. If the Review Modules for instructors are shipped with a shipment under the CARP order, additional shipping and handling will not be charged.

Time-Based Payment Plan

Subject to ATI’s prior approval, the School can elect to make payments over a predetermined period of time that matches the time period over which the CARP Products will be delivered. The CARP Products delivered will reflect the timing of the matriculation identified by the School on the pricing section of the applicable ATI Order Form. Under the Time-Based Payment Plan, your School can only receive CARP Products as they are needed based upon your academic schedule. The School will then pay for that portion of the CARP Products under the Time-Based Payment Schedule described on the pricing section of the applicable ATI Order Form.

Class Size Adjustment Date

ATI understands the number of students enrolled in the School’s class as shown on the pricing section of the applicable ATI Order Form is a preliminary estimate. Therefore, the School will have seven (7) calendar days after each add/drop period of each term/semester to notify ATI, in writing, as to any changes in the number of students who will be matriculating in the class identified on   the pricing section. Please notify ATI of the changed class size. Based on that notice, ATI will issue an invoice to your School adjusted to reflect the change in class size. Bear in mind, the School is still responsible to make payment to ATI even if an invoice is not delivered to your school. Once the CARP Products have been shipped, they cannot be returned (except the paper-pencil tests required to be returned for security reasons). Please note, if no written notice is received from your School, ATI will ship the CARP Products in the amount originally entered on the pricing section of the applicable ATI Order Form. No refunds or credits are provided for unused Internet-based or paper- pencil assessments.

School Data

Any and all information submitted to ATI by the School or its employees or students shall remain the sole property of School and ATI will use such data to provide services to the School. The School understands and agrees that ATI may use School-related data in an aggregate, anonymized, de- identified format for general metrics reporting and comparative analysis, so long as the data never names or otherwise identifies School or any individual or program of School. All such generalized, anonymous, and aggregate data analysis is the sole property of ATI.

Customer Support

ATI provides customer support during the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (CST) Monday through Friday, with the exception of select holidays. Due to time zone differences, your School can request support earlier or later in a day to accommodate your needs. Please provide ATI two (2) weeks advance notice of these special needs. Customer support is primarily to support Internet-based    tests and help instructors and computer lab technicians prepare the School’s computers to access ATI’s website. The teaching staff needs to notify the School’s computer lab technicians at the start of the term/semester regarding the requirements to use computers and an Internet browser to access ATI recommends your technicians test the School’s computer system by taking the practice test available on the ATI website prior to the administration of the actual student assessment.

Assessment Results

Shipping and Handling Costs

Shipping and handling costs for delivery of the review module books and paper-pencil test booklets will be added to the purchase price when applicable. Shipping and handling cost calculations appear on the pricing section of this form.

School Responsibilities

The School agrees to assume the following responsibilities:

Allotted Time for Assessments

ATI recommends that time for each assessment be allotted equal to one (1) minute per question.

High Stakes Testing

ATI tests are not designed for high stakes purposes such as a graduation requirement, and we do not recommend that they be used in this manner. High stakes uses are not completely precluded; however, it is the responsibility of the test user to justify the use of any ATI products in such a manner.

Test users should consider the following principles outlined in  our  “ATI’s  Position  on  High Stakes Testing” document (located on the website under Resources/Best Practices). Engaging in a validation effort will not guarantee compliance with industry-wide AERA, APA, & NCME testing standards or necessarily prevent risk to the test user. ATI recommends that validation efforts focused on these considerations be conducted regardless of stakes; however, the level of effort and
the need for formal documentation of the process increase as the level of stakes increases.