Curriculum Development

Your nursing program is only as good as the curriculum from which you teach. The curriculum is reflected in the success of your students and is a key factor in accreditation approval. Our nursing consultants partner with you to evaluate and update your curriculum to reflect the latest educational, professional and healthcare initiatives and trends. We work with you to create a concept-based or traditional curriculum depending on the needs of your program.

Let Us Help You

  • Update your curriculum to reflect trends and initiatives in education and healthcare
  • Design a new curriculum based on a set of outcomes and competencies, or nursing concepts and exemplars
  • Use our Curriculum Management and Articulation Program (C-MAP) as we walk you through the curriculum revision or initial development process
  • Begin the process using one of several standard curricula housed in C-MAP to prevent having to “re-invent the wheel”
  • Develop a creative concept-based or traditional curriculum from scratch
  • Link your curriculum components together to establish and demonstrate internal consistency
  • Map concepts, outcomes, competencies and content related to pathophysiology, pharmacology, nutrition, and skills or concepts and exemplars across the curriculum
  • Link your new curriculum with the NCLEX test plan content areas, NLN Competencies and BSN Essentials
  • Create clinical evaluation tools that are aligned with your competencies and evaluated using a rubric
  • Generate reports automatically that reflect the various components of your curriculum and their related links for your State Board of Nursing or professional accrediting body