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Next Gen NCLEX Video Updates


During the first 4 years after the NCSBN announced the launch of the Next Generation NCLEX, Dr. Sommer talked regularly with staff at the NCSBN and participated in national nursing meetings to find out the latest progress. She shared the most significant facts via video updates. Watch her presentations and interviews to learn details that will help you better understand the reasoning behind the need for a new exam, plus other useful information.

Feb/March 2020

NCSBN continues to reveal new details on the Next Generation NCLEX. What’s the latest? Dr. Sommer got the inside scoop, along with sharing some valuable ideas you can use now to help your students develop their clinical judgment skills.

Watch the video to learn more and use the other links below as additional resources to download and reference for quick reminders.


Sept 2019

This presentation is based on personal conversations Dr. Sommer had with Dr. Dickison about the Next Gen NCLEX, as well as sessions she attended at NCSBN conferences.

In the list below, access her presentation on that discussion and use the transcript and PowerPoint for future references:

Aug 2019

The Next Generation NCLEX was officially announced as a "go" in late summer 2019. Dr. Sommer got details during a meeting with Dr. Dickison at the NCSBN's annual meeting in Chicago. In their conversation, Dr. Dickison explained that NCSBN was finalizing analysis of its research and expected to deliver a report to its board in the next month.

To dispel rumors about exactly when the new test will launch, he emphasized that the soonest it would be ready was 2023. Watch Dr. Sommer's video via the links below, along with accessing a transcript and handy infographic you can download: 

May 2019

In the early discussions about the Next Generation NCLEX, a lot of questions — and misinformation — was flying around about what potential changes were being considered. To help quell the confusion, Dr. Sommer contacted key individuals at NCSBN, such as Dr. Dickison, to get some insight. In this video update, she described what she'd learned: plans at the time for the test's release, what new item types were being considered, and how educators could being to prepare.

Watch her video via the link below or read the transcript: