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ATI Chief Nursing Officer Sheryl Sommer, PhD, RN, CNE, is in regular contact with NCSBN's key officials, including Phil Dickison, PhD, RN its Chief Officer, Operations & Examinations.

Whenever we have new information about how NCSBN's advancements and modifications to the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) will impact you and your students, count on finding it here in videos, interviews, articles, infographics, and industry bulletins based on information directly from the source: NCSBN. Plus, we're always working on new resources to help you better understand the crucial connection between clinical judgment and the ability of a new nurse to be competent and safe. That connection is a key reason for the development of the Next Generation NCLEX, so we'll gather that information here, as well, to make it easy for you to find the information you need.

Dr. Sheryl Sommer Dr. Phil Dickison

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Resources to keep you updated on the progress of NGN

Discover videos, industry bulletins, articles, and infographics directly sourced from NCSBN. The variety of formats make it easy to grasp the nuances of the NGN.
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Video updates from Dr. Sheryl Sommer

Dr. Sommer talks regularly with staff at NCSBN and participates in nursing industry meetings to find out the latest on NGN progress. She shares the most significant facts via video updates.
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Early foundational info to give you context

Strengthen your knowledge in how the NGN has evolved with access to some of the earliest information on the topic. Watch and read some of the industry's 1st interviews with Dr. Phil Dickison.
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