Pre-Nursing School FAQs

What if I don’t have a Username/Password?
Contact ATI Customer Service, DO NOT CREATE NEW. Customer Service can be reached at: 800.667.7531.

I am not currently enrolled in a school and the website asks for an institution, what should I put?
Select the school you will be testing with or select other as your institution. You can edit at any point once you create your account. (edit profile in top right corner of page)

How do I locate my test scores?
Log into your ATI account, under main menu select My Results, click on EXAM and scores will populate.

What do my scores mean?
You will need to contact your institution, ATI’s policy is to not discuss scores w/ students.

What is a passing score?
You will need to contact your institution, ATI’s policy is to not discuss scores w/ students.


Where can I go to purchase the TEAS Study Manual and/or Online Practice Exam?
You must purchase TEAS Study materials on our website at our online store. Simply select shop online, TEAS Products, then select which option fits your needs.

I bought the TEAS study package and received my Study Manual but have not received my ID/Password for the Online practice, how do I get this?
The ID and password were sent to you in your purchase confirmation email. If you no longer have this email, please contact ATI customer service at (800) 667-7531.

How do I register for the TEAS?
There are several options:
Check the ATI website for testing locations that allow online registration.
Contact ATI at (800) 667-7531
Perform an internet search for "TEAS sites"
Contact the school to which you are applying for a list of available TEAS testing locations

Are additional site, times and locations available to register for the TEAS?

ATI provides a list of available TEAS registration times on our website.  For additional times, please contact ATI or your school.

How can I change my TEAS test date?
If you registered directly with the school, please contact your school.  If you registered online at, all registrations are final.  If unable to attend the scheduled test date, you must re-register and pay for a new exam date.

How can I send a copy of my TEAS score/TEAS transcript to another school?
Go to ATI’s online store and select the TEAS Transcript fee, there is a $27 charge. Transcripts are sent immediately by email.

What if my school is not showing as an option to send TEAS scores to?
You will want to contact the school. The school will need to call ATI and provide an email address for all TEAS transcripts to be sent to.

Why are my assessment ID and password not working?

The ID should be a 6 digit number and the password is combination of numbers and letters.  Be sure that you are inputting them correctly.  If the problem persists, contact ATI at (800) 667-7531.