Leadership & Management

We believe that the future of nursing education depends on the development of nursing faculty who understand how to collaborate, think critically and make decisions that are evidence-based. Because of the nursing faculty shortage and changes occurring in educational systems, there is an increased need to develop faculty leaders. We understand the importance of developing leaders for the future of nursing and nursing education. Expert ATI nursing education consultants help you develop a faculty mentor program and work in partnership with you to develop the essential leadership skills needed at all levels of your organization. Future faculty and administrators can develop leadership competencies based on a proficient mentoring program that gives them the opportunity to grow and develop within the organization. We’ll help you create a realistic mentorship program that engages your faculty/administrators to develop life-long leadership and management skills necessary for their role.

Let Us Help You

  • Assess your faculty and administrator leadership needs
  • Establish a plan of action consistent with the vision and mission of your program
  • Partner with you to establish a mentorship program
  • Provide a mentor to work with your faculty/administrators virtually over a period of time
  • Achieve sustainable leadership goals for faculty/administrators in your program