ATI Consulting

Areas of Expertise


We support you and your faculty as you seek candidacy, initial accreditation or re-accreditation by explaining the accreditation process, interpreting the accreditation standards, assisting in the creation of required documentation and performing a mock site visit (Candidacy Presentation; Self Study).
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Program Evaluation

We support you as you develop and implement your program evaluation plan establishing levels of achievement, data collection tools and a feedback process that supports evidence-based changes in your program.
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Teaching & Learning

When faculty shortages and training issues arise, we help with everything from mentoring new educators to training them on instructional strategies, item writing and other course and clinical management skills.
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Curriculum Development

We work with you to update and revise your curriculum to keep it current and reflective of professional and accreditation standards.
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With growing advancements in technology and proven effectiveness of simulation, let our nursing consultants enhance your faculty’s use of simulation techniques that best support student development of clinical competence.
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