HealthAssess prepares nursing students to perform health assessments and builds their clinical judgment skills in a virtual learning and practice experience. In a single teaching solution, HealthAssess offers a combination of learning modules and authentic practice simulations, with active EHR documentation along the way. HealthAssess emphasizes knowledge, techniques and scenarios most applicable to today’s nurses in an unintimidating learning environment, ultimately driving consistent student learning outcomes across cohorts.

12 Interactive Learning Modules

Promoting student mastery through active learning

Students receive invaluable practice selecting interventions and documenting findings through media-rich tutorials, gaming exercises, virtual demonstrations, drill questions and more.

  1. Intro to health assessment
  2. General survey
  3. Health history
  4. Skin
  5. Head, neck, and neurological
  6. Respiratory
  1. Cardiovascular
  2. Abdomen
  3. Musculoskeletal and neurological
  4. Head-to-toe
  5. Breast and lymphatics
  6. Rectum and genitourinary

5 Virtual Simulation Modules

Building confidence and clinical judgment skills

Applying the knowledge gained from learning modules, students take on the role as nurse as they engage in authentic dialogue and assess all major body systems of diverse, life-like virtual clients, all while practicing EHR documentation.

  1. Virtual Practice: Shirley Williamson
  2. Virtual Practice: David Rodriguez
  3. Virtual Practice: Harold Stevens
  4. Virtual Practice: Diane Radford
  5. Virtual Challenge: Timothy Lee (head-to-toe)


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